A Brazilian court overturned a separate order issued by a court on Tuesday that blocked WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging site amid a criminal investigation into drug trafficking in Sergipe province.

WhatsApp’s previous court order is considered important in the investigation so that the investigation can begin shortly after the level of encryption included in the application is accelerated. Five major Internet service providers have to pay a hefty fine of approximately $ 142,000 per day for not complying with the request.

More than 100 million people were temporarily losing access to the service as a result of the ban.

This is not the first WhatsApp brush with Brazilian law. Facebook’s vice president, Diego Dzudan, was imprisoned for a day earlier this year when WhatsApp failed to comply with a data request regarding a previous drug issue. WhatsApp said that it could not access the messages that legal authorities have sought as evidence in the case, and the executive has been detained for a short period of time.

WhatsApp last month upgraded its internal security protocol to create full end-to-end encryption, which appears to be a growing trend among Silicon Valley companies to increase their security following a high-level legal battle between Apple and the FBI is. Apple countered the government’s demands that it jeopardize encryption in the iPhone, which was important evidence in the San Bernardino terror case.

“Thank God, WhatsApp is back online now,” said Whatsapp CEO Jan Korn after lifting the ban on Tuesday.

He said that the company was humbled by the support and patience of the people of Brazil.

“We have no intention of blocking people’s safety, and we hope that those affected by the decision will join us in supporting their voice in support of an open and secure Internet,” Korn said.

Digital Rights Restoration

Katitja Rodriguez, director of international rights at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said the decision to ban WhatsApp was clumsy and inconsistent.

free expression.” “Brazilian judges continue to use censorship and mandatory sanctions to enforce local legislation on the global Internet.”

In Brazil, this surprised activists considered turning away from the spirit of the law, noted as Xavier Palero, a policy analyst at Access Now.

He told the newspaper “E-Commerce”: “We did not expect that a basic Internet law in Brazil” Marco Seville “would be misinterpreted again to impose a wider ban on an application.” “Such an extreme measure does not comply with international standards for freedom of expression, such as the American Convention on Human Rights.”

Palero said the cybercrime report under discussion on Tuesday included proposals to allow a clear ban on applications, which would increase the number of cases in Brazil.

The group may have the ability to protect journalists, according to the committee, to protect journalists.

“Journalists in Brazil regularly rely on WhatsApp in their reports,” said Geoffrey King, coordinator of the technology program at the Committee to Protect Journalists. “Restrictions on access to such widely used platforms are an extreme extension that violates the open nature of the Internet and disturbs the free flow of information.”

Mass online campaign

Brazilian lawmakers held a hearing on Tuesday to consider several laws to curb open technology and privacy as part of Brazil’s parliamentary investigation into cyber crimes.

According to the EFF, on Wednesday, officials are expected to vote on seven laws that will give police access to IP addresses, allow judges to block websites used for criminal purposes, and are considered abusive Content monitoring will be required on sites and apps.

The campaign is expected to gain widespread support among conservative legislators. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who faces the prospect of being isolated amidst rampant corruption, is also politically weak, so measures cannot be stopped.

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