HP and Google unveiled the HP Chromebook 13 last week.

The device is designed with input from customers to get what they want in the next generation Chromebook, is about 13 mm thick, weighs 2.8 lbs, and has an anodized aluminum frame, a sixth-generation Core M processor on Intel. Is the first Chromebook to use.

It has a USB C port, and HP offers a USB-C dock as an option for $ 145.

The docking station allows users to connect the Chromebook 13 to high-definition displays, full-size keyboards and wired networks.

“These are powerful improvements, but they don’t address the underlying problem – the platform has been paralyzed,” says Rob Anderle, senior analyst at the Endley Group.

Technical Specifications

The device comes with a memory capacity of 16 GB. The high capacity 45 W battery uses up to 11.5 hours.

The HP Chromebook 13, which targets both the consumer and business markets, has a 13-inch QHD + screen, with a resolution of 3200 or 1800 pixels.

The basic configuration includes an Intel Pentium M processor, 4 GB RAM, and 32 GB portable storage. Buyers can choose a Core M3, Core M5 or Core M7 processor and up to 16 GB of RAM.

The device can be charged quickly with the supplied adapter and quickly with a USB-C power adapter or phone charger.

Integrated management allows companies to secure and manage Chromebook 13s remotely over the Internet using Chrome device management. The device also comes with HP Print for Chrome app, which enables local printing on HP networks and local printers.

Security is provided by Chrome OS security features.

Lyn Huang, director of research at IDC, said, “Except for the operating system, it’s a great design at this price.”

Not only for school children

Huang said the success of lower-end players in this market – Acer, Asus and Samsung – has attracted “big companies – Lenovo, Dell and HP”.

He said that this led to “an improvement in the quality of cheap plastic equipment, not with larger consoles” and because of the increase in prices. Dell then designed its first business-ready Chromebook, and “what we’re seeing now is that most large suppliers are preparing their wallets with business-ready Chromebooks.”

Huang Chromebook is expected to have higher prices.

“But the main selling point for Chromebooks so far is that they’re really cheap,” Anderley said.

The suggested price increase could affect Chromebook sales.

Business case

Companies that have a lot of contracted employees who “don’t need access to too much electricity,” or companies that employ employees of Google services, can buy Chromebooks. “There is an upside to Chromebooks, but not for 2016 because what they can do is very little and is the beginning of the market,” Huang said.

The Chromebook 13 may be a high-powered alternative notebook associated with HP’s thin client efforts, but HP Inc. is not present in the server business. It has been taken over by HP Enterprise, and the thin clients are more than what the server / enterprise offers, ”Andrell said.

“It is not competitive with HP laptops or in markets where existing Chromebooks are sold,” he said. “It is a product to discover the market.”

Communications are done within the server, which may have multiple “channels”. This approach is very flexible. For example, you can create a server for a security operations center, an IT department, or any group of users who may need to cooperate during an accident.

In fact, you can get multiple servers and switch between them to increase efficiency and size or adapt to different environments. You can have a text channel to send pictures or documents from your laptop. You can use a separate channel for voice communication from your mobile phone.

You can already see the power of this. For example, after sharing artifacts such as code, packet capture, samples, or log data, team members can immediately connect to an audio channel to speak with these samples. They can create private chat sessions in one device to work individually. Switching between audio and text channels and file sharing can be much faster than other tools.

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