TiVo on Wednesday announced a new version of the Roamio OTA Digital Video Recorder, which targets the growing market of cable wire cutters, with a box that includes a huge 1 TB storage space and no monthly subscription fees.

The company said that the DVR can record up to 150 hours and a maximum of four TV programs at the same time.

The device can access content from OTA Network TV including ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and Univision, as well as content from broadcast services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Original update

The new Roamio is updating the original Roamio OTA DVR, which was launched in 2014 as a limited edition in 400 Best Buy stores priced at $ 49.99. This DVR, which was for cutting cord cutters, had 75 hours of HD programming and 500 GB of storage space.

The TiVo DVR launched nationwide in 2015, increasing its availability on BestBuy.com, Amazon and TiVo.com.

The original Roamio requires a $ 14.99 monthly fee and a one-year minimum commitment.

The device will be available once for $ 399.99.

Monthly margin

TiVo finds that wire cutters often watch OTA TV to avoid the high cost of cable TV. “The $ 15 monthly fee is a handicap for these people,” said Michael Goodman, director of digital media strategy for analytics analyst.

He told TechNewsWorld: “Tiavo has always had a role in both camps” vs. OTA. “Obviously it takes a stand, this cost is clearly a problem, at least as far as this product is concerned.”

Wire cutting is often reported, while on the rise, is not spreading as widely as would have been thought. Goodman said that many TV viewers still share some form of cable TV, noting that when analyzing subscribers leaving cable, the number of new subscribers is often excluded from the totals.

According to the results of a global study conducted by Nilsson last month, six percent of respondents plan to watch broadcasts or videos on demand-dial programs through subscriptions that say they will pay to watch a traditional TV connection .

Just last week, TiVo reported that it had 7 million customers in North America and Europe, a 27 percent increase since January 2015.

Competition for cord cutters

One of TiVo’s main competitors is Tablo, an OTA DVR service that offers a four-tuner service for $ 299 and a subscription fee of $ 4.99 per month or $ 149.99 for the life of the device. The service is sold by TabloTV.com, Bestbuy.com, NewEgg and Amazon.

“It’s still an old-fashioned DVR, which connects to a TV and requires additional specialized equipment to receive this content for home TVs and other mobile devices,” said Tablo spokesman Laura Slater said.

Slater said: “Cord cutters are tired of connecting with single-use devices and want to see what they want, when they want it and on the device of their choice.”

Although broadcasting services are on the rise, Pandit-IT chief analyst Charles King said that there are many benefits of being able to record and watch TV shows later rather than online.

“The nature of TV broadcasting makes it easy to record many programs,” he told TechNewsWorld. “This is mainly due to the fact that some broadcasters limit access to popular programs unless they buy in a premium package, and they suffer long breaks.”

Mike Good, program director for Stratcast / Frost & Sullivan, said the OTA registrar helps address an ongoing issue with wire cutters, which is a way to manage all content coming from various streaming service providers and OTAs .

He told TechNewsWorld, “Roamio is likely to resonate strongly with wire cutters” as it enables consumers to manage premium content as they do in a traditional subscription video. ”

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