Welcome to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, which has been set aside enough time to listen to Lemonade in the column Beyoncé and her anatomy to explore the latest Smart App ads.

This week in our Jag, there is a stylish stylus for recording doodles, a spin on the smart light switch, and a new home for Amazon Personal Assistant Alexa.

As always, ratings only reveal how I want to examine every item in the meat sector – these are not reviews.

Beautiful drawing

This column recently shows the latest Evernote Physical Note Recording System. Orie’s stylelog (pictured above) does a very similar job, though more elegant.

The Copper Stylograph Pen can transfer your scribble and graphics to an iOS or Android device. It has an accelerometer and a camera on the side that you notice.

You can use two days for an hour, and if you are away from your smartphone or tablet while drawing or writing, you can store and transfer data later. You can export your manual work to PDF so that you can polish it digitally. The additional sheet costs $ 190 per 190 pages.

The stylograph is $ 300, $ 100 more than Evernote’s SmartWrite sales, but you can refill it with the standard D1 capsule. In addition, paper blocks are $ 5 cheaper than Evernote.

I don’t think the stylograph is a device that anyone would need to survive, but it is certainly very beautiful, and I dare say that to write angry notes on a smartphone in class or in a meeting Instead of just touching a square. That is, if you are interested in the following appearances. According to the reporter, he definitely beat Scrabble with a cheap gel pen.

Rating: 4 out of 5 artisan pairs

Smart key for newbies

Recognition time: I am not the most useful person in the world. Two years ago, I bought a dimmer switch for my living room, but my wires didn’t match on the trend chart, so I gave up. These shortcomings left my craving for a smart switch that doesn’t have to do a lot of work, and Switchmate might be the answer.

It is magnetically attached to the screw of your existing light switch, and it appears that you can start using it immediately. You don’t even need a wireless home network, as it works over Bluetooth. When you bring home, you can set a timer to turn on the lights or make them light up automatically.

The switchmate costs $ 40, which is a good value, especially since it means that I will never have to pretend again that I will be able to establish a career as an electrician. This is a simple way to create a smart lighting system, and if it can help people have more control over their homes, then there is nothing they hate.

Rating: 4 out of 5 switch soup-ups

Friendly fridge

Amazon Alexa Personal Assistant distributes wings and spreads to third-party devices. The first is Invoxia’s Triby App, which has a screen despite Amazon’s Echo range, despite having electronic ink.

You can use Tribute as connected to the main hub, to play music with Spotify or any other streaming service, and get information from the web using voice commands. It has a magnetic frame, so it can stick to the fridge, which is something Alexa needs to remind herself to buy milk with a quick order.

You can use the app to send video messages to the screen, and you can make free internet calls to the tributary, which has a speakerphone function. This can be especially useful in the kitchen of an intended tribe, as one always says when dining or washing.

At a cost of $ 200, the Trib is more expensive than an Echo but is less intrusive in your home space as it is relatively small and stays away from the refrigerator. This is something I find useful in cooking or cooking and the sudden need for a royal matric conversion. Be sure to use a hand covered hand to revive Siri.

Cyber ​​Security Incident Response teams have options when it comes to communication tools: Microsoft, Slack, Zoom and many more. Some require a membership or commercial license – others are free. Some special devices are specifically designed to respond to accidents. There are some common business communication tools that infrared teams have adapted for use during a cyber security incident.

Professionals involved in accident response know that sometimes, in the event of a live event, standard communication channels may not be available for reasons you cannot control. For example, if your ransomware drops your Exchange server, good luck sending emergency emails to your team. If Slack is your main tool and channels are full of malicious traffic, then the team connection may be compromised.

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